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Will I have to throw away everything?

The purpose of organizing is to simplify your life and to save you time and money.  A lot of extra stuff may be getting in your way of achieving   these goals.  The decisions made about what to keep and what to get rid of are entirely up to you.  Clearing Spaces, LLC will help you make the appropriate choices. 


How long will it take?

Each solution and timeline is carefully developed for your specific needs. The length of time is based on how much stuff you have and how quickly you can make decisions.  It also depends on the size of the space and how much you can accomplish between sessions. Typically, organizing sessions run two to four hours.  Some jobs can be done in a day or two; others can be spread out over several weeks or months.  Clearing Spaces, LLC works on an hourly basis, so you decide what fits your budget and time frame.


What about confidentiality?

Clearing Spaces, LLC adheres to the National Association of Professional Organizers Code of Ethics.  Be assured that we will protect personal and confidential information.  Any organizing jobs or sessions conducted, any materials seen, or problems discussed will be kept completely confidential.

(Visit www.napo.net for more information.)


What if Iím embarrassed about my mess?

Be assured that Clearing Spaces, LLC has worked with all types of situations. Lifestyle changes, multiple priorities, and simultaneous demands put many people in situations just like yours. Clearing Spaces, LLC will find a solution thatís right for you, transfer the skills necessary to accomplish your goals, and let you look forward to an organized, stress-free environment.


Will I need to do anything before the first session?

Leave your home just as it is.  Seeing how you use your space and belongings is important in determining the best solutions for your organizing needs.


What about containers and supplies?

The types and sizes of containers, shelving, and supplies needed are determined after the sorting process.  The goal is to use and repurpose many of the containers you already have.  Recommendations will be made during the sessions for any additional items necessary. You can do the shopping yourself or be assisted with on-line shopping during the organizing session.  If you prefer that Clearing Spaces, LLC purchase the materials for you, regular hourly fees apply and costs for any materials are payable upon delivery.


When and how are fees paid?

Fees are collected at the end of each workday. Either check or cash is acceptable. Fees are at a competitive rate and include time spent on organizing sessions, travel, phone contacts, and routine research. Sessions may also be booked as a block of time and paid in advance.  Contact Clearing Spaces, LLC for details.

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