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Do you need help with the whole house or just a small problem area?

Contact Clearing Spaces, LLC to start simplifying your life.

ORGANIZING (From consultations to hands-on)

Solutions to your organizing needs include: sorting, condensing, and grouping like items; establishing a place where things belong so they can be easily found; selecting and removing duplicates and unwanted items for donation, giveaways, or trash; guidance with proper storage; setting up a maintenance plan.

AREAS COVERED (Included but not limited to)

Attic                                         Garage

Bathrooms                              Home Office

Basement                                Kitchen

Craft Room                             Mail Center

Closets                                    Pantry

Cabinets                                 Storage Shed


bulletHousehold inventory

Do you have enough insurance coverage for all your personal belongings in the event of a total loss? Everyone should have copies of important documents and a household inventory list stored at a safe location outside of your neighborhood. Sessions start with digital pictures of your entire home.

bulletCoordinating dual residences

Are you looking forward to relaxing, enjoying outdoor activities and visiting with friends, but dread the time spent planning, packing, shopping and getting settled in? Knowing what is on hand in your vacation home and maintaining a few basic lists will help you make a smooth transition from your everyday hectic life to the vacation you look forward to. Clearing Spaces, LLC will set up an easy system for you.

bulletCombining dual households

Combining two households into one can be an overwhelming task. Clearing Spaces, LLC will break down the process into manageable steps to determine what stays, what goes, and how it will all work in the new space.

bulletDownsizing in preparation for a move

Do you really want to spend time, money, and effort packing items in your home that you forgot you had or that you havenít used in years? Start fresh in your new home with only the things you really love and use. Clearing Spaces, LLC will guide you through sorting and organizing before the move and develop a plan for where things go in your new home making the move less stressful.

bulletUnpacking and placement of household items

Donít be overwhelmed with boxes on moving day. Clearing Spaces, LLC will do the unpacking and set up your home so you have a place for everything and everything in its place.

bulletAssistance with donations and recycling

Clearing Spaces, LLC has comprehensive listings for area consignment shops, resale stores, local charities, and recycling centers as well as hazardous waste guidelines. Having options for clearing out unwanted and unused possessions makes it easier to let go.

bulletMaintenance plan for staying organized

Even the most organized home can get off track when life gets in the way. Every session with Clearing Spaces, LLC includes a plan to maintain your space.

bulletStorage solutions

There are many options for storing and containerizing your possessions. Clearing Spaces, LLC has the resources to find the right product or system for your needs. The first step is to use or repurpose what you already have on hand.

bulletWardrobe planning

Part of the process of organizing your closet is determining what currently works for your body type and life style. Learn how to "shop your closet" to create a new wardrobe. Have a plan and create a shopping list.

bulletSpeaking to small groups

Clearing Spaces, LLC is available to speak to small groups on a variety of organizing topics. Do you want to know how the organizing process works or need information of specific areas such as paperwork, closets, kitchen, etc. Call to request a topic and reserve a date.


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