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What Can I Expect?
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First, Clearing Spaces, LLC will assess the areas that are bothering you the most and determine how to solve the problem, based on your needs and time frame.

 An appointment or series of appointments will be set up for the organizing project.

 We will work together through the following steps, which apply to any area that needs to be organized:


Sort This is where you look at each possession and determine what is important to you.  Similar items are then grouped together so you can see how much you actually have.


Purge This step involves deciding what to get rid of.  You will need to make   decisions whether to toss, sell, give away, donate, or store elsewhere. The support and guidance provided by Clearing Spaces, LLC will help you with the decision making.


Find a Home Everything must have a place where it belongs.  Objects that you are keeping will be assigned a location based on ease of use, size, function, and safety.


Containerize The right container keeps categories of items grouped together, making maintenance and retrieval a quick process.  There are many options for containers, beginning with creative uses for containers you already have. We will take measurements so that the best size and shape will be used for contents and space available.  Clearing Spaces, LLC will provide resources for containers, and shopping assistance can be arranged.


Maintenance Clearing Spaces, LLC will design systems to help you maintain the newly organized space.  There is no one way to organize, and periodic adjustments will be necessary as life situations change.


Clients are asked to make arrangements for handling phone calls, visitors, children, pets, etc. so that interruptions are kept to a minimum during the organizing session.


When your home is functional for you and your family, you are organized enough.


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